Thursday, November 8, 2012

Word of Faith Teachers: Origins & Errors of Their Teaching (Full Film)

Are you or someone you know a follower of the likes of Joel Osteen, Kenneth Hagin, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, or T. D. Jakes etc? This film takes a responsible look at the major doctrines which separate this movement from historic biblical Christianity. Its origins and errors are documented with evidence and fact. Feel free to upload this film to your channel and please pray for the repentance and salvation of the false teachers critiqued in this film as well as those who follow them.


  1. Can you delete my comment? on 1 of your videos about joel osteen? monique vee

  2. It would be great for you have the audio for this or make this video downloadable. It appears to be such a brilliant resource!

    Well done and keep up the excellent work.



  3. Do you have this movie translated in other languages?
    If you allow me, consider this... I would like to work on translating it to Portguese and expose the truth... Please let me know!

    I would need the text file (it would be greatly appreciated and very helpful).
    Thank you!


    1. Sorry I don't have a text file. The laptop that had it overheated and it got lost.