Friday, January 11, 2013

Kerrigan Skelly's Invalid Denial of my Pharisee Charge

Response to a video Skelly made in which he addressed a text exchange we had concerning his Pharisaism. His claim was that his Pelagian sinless perfectionism is not Pharisaic but that Calvinists are the real Pharisees!


  1. What is the deal with Kerrigan Skelly anyway.. This guy focuses way too much on calvinism. instead of simply preaching the gospel. As a calvinist it is not a hill i would die on but I do believe i am right but has no bearing to essential doctrines. if you are arminian fine. your wrong but ok we can be brothers.

  2. I'm sure you are already aware of this, but one of the trickiest things about guys like Skelly, Morrell, and others like them is their understanding of sin and how it differs from our view. They seem to hold to some kind of Wesleyan-Holiness view of sin, in which sin is reduced to merely being an act of willful rebellion against a known law or the conscience. In other words, if somebody makes a choice, has thoughts or happens to do something without first knowing that it was wrong to do so, people like Skelly would not, in most circumstances, refer to this act or thought as a sin. They'd just call it a mistake. Sometimes they'll call it a sin of ignorance, but they don't actually consider it to have any sort of sinfulness to it. In fact, they'll talk about how their hearts are totally pure because they don't sin rebelliously.

    In my opinion, these are some of the most obnoxious, biased, and downright abhorrent doctrines in the history of Christianity (including the Catholic Church's more extreme Marian dogmas (e.g. Mary being our co-redemtrix with Christ)). In case you can't tell by what I've just said, I REALLY can't stand the conceptions of sin held by people like Skelly and Morrell, haha! Besides this, I don't even think they're biblical. I'd explain why, but it would take MANY paragraphs, lol.

    Again, as a much more experienced scholar than myself (though I'd hesitate to call myself that at this point), I'm sure you were more than well aware of the key tenets of Wesleyan hamartiology. I just don't recall seeing it brought up a lot in your videos, so I thought I'd post about it here. To be honest, if you and me were to hold to Skelly's definition for sin, I think it WOULD be true that we don't sin each and every day. However, I believe that our non-rebellious acts of sin are still that: sin. Thus, we are still in need of forgiveness each day. Keep up the good apologetics!