Thursday, July 20, 2017

Seminary, Mythicism Research & Applying Historical Method to NT

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Here is the outline of my forthcoming work on mythicism:

Chapter 1: Mythicists, Mythicism and Critique Outline
Chapter 2: Good and Bad Methodologies
Chapter 3: Inconsistent Mythicist Use of Ancient Sources
Chapter 4: Reliability and Believability of the Gospels and Acts
Chapter 5: Accuracy of the Primitive Oral Jesus Tradition
Chapter 6: The New Testament’s Written and Oral Sources
Chapter 7: The Criteria of Authenticity and Jesus Research
Chapter 8: Strongly Authenticated Sayings and Deeds of Jesus
Chapter 9: Other Historical Reasons for Jesus’ Historicity
Chapter 10: Foundational Problems with Mythicism
Chapter 11: Did Paul Believe in a Historical Jesus?
Chapter 12: What the non-Pauline Epistles tell us
Chapter 13: The Apostolic Fathers and the Historical Jesus
Chapter 14: Jesus in the Early Extrabiblical Sources
Chapter 15: Are there Early Mythicist Documents?
Chapter 16: A Pagan Christ and New Testament?
Chapter 17: The New Testament Use of the Old Testament
Chapter 18: A Minimal Facts Case for Jesus’ Historicity
Chapter 19: The Mythicist Misuse of Scholars
Chapter 20: Mythicists and Convenient, Fringe Positions
Chapter 21: Major Mythicist Crackpot Claims and Errors
Chapter 22: The Noetic Effects of Sin and Mythicists
Chapter 23: Why Mythicists do not want Jesus to Exist
Appendix 1: Jesus When?
Appendix 2: Doherty and “Q”
Appendix 3: Price and Marcion

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